...the revolution of noise inside my head. (abstract_ends) wrote,
...the revolution of noise inside my head.

hot damn!

the old woman taunts me i swear, lucid green liquid lighters, 50 cents a pop, faulty and identical to the one that came before it in that hollow drawer in the kitchen. oven mits, rubber bands, clips, cupons from the 80's and a pack of cheap ciggarettes.
i should just get the yellow one back from sarah and trade it for the green so i can just hold it up to the sun and marvel at it.
sarah! sarah came and jumped into my bed this morning like after noon and we held eachother for dear life it seemed. girls! i forgot that having chick friends allowed you to do things like snuggle and listen to indie rock at four in the after noon in your undies and it doesn't mean shit but giggles. rapture!
we cut daniels hair in the bath room, i sat in the tub and marveled at all the shaving extentions, little manical machines, so precise and whielded so well.
the floor was but a protien string grave yard. no headstones no dirt, just limp bodies.
it's probably still in the trash, and smaller still the frays in the tiny vaccum?
we acted our age and stole borrowed my grandma's car and swung right up to snatch nick, we hiked a fern gully scene next to the chatahoochie, eerie fog and mimiced moutain mist. found a mask and some moth wings.
after dark and alone we make our way to the water nude, two sisters playing in the black water. i dove off rocks and howled at the moon and pissed on the fish and...helped sarah get through the water safely. all five feet to the rocks in all five feet of water. see, i can be helpful.

my days...what did i do to deserve such days? it seems a week ago i was going out of my mind, when all of a sudden this breeze blew in and now i'm fine.
good music. good friends. lots of water.
gemini may be an air sign, but i here by forgo my astrologicaly makings. i inconsistent this "worldy" reasoning.
and so does everything else that is good in the world.
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